Thermal Control
Passenger side oil cooler (one of two).  The location
selected is fed positive air flow/pressure via the side
duct.  Air passes over the rear inner fender liner and
is forced through the cooler to low pressure
behind/under the car.  The fans are thermostatically
controlled. The extra large oil filter helps reduce
pressure drop and add a bit of volume to the system.
The red piece of yarn hanging from the fan in the
one view was used as a flag during  dynamic rod
testing along with a minicam system.  The yarn
gives an indication of both flow and direction while
the vehicle is moving.  
The original oil filter is removed and
an adapter mounted to route the oil to
the coolers.  All hose and fittings are
Double the HP and obviously you'll
need more cooling capacity.  This
triple row cross flow Griffin race radiator
fit with some minor modifications.  
Double fans were employed.  
Welding on two studs for the stock
mounting brackets worked well enough.  
Hose routing had to be modified a bit to
clear the anti-lock system and my  S/C
intercooler tank.  
My modified intake manifold dictated that re-locate
a few items on the thermostat housing.  The spigets
for the cabin heater core and engine bay  overflow
tank needed to be moved to prevent interference as
can be seen in the remaining pictures..