Current Status; Retired, looking for new opportunities
Education; BS Mechanical/Automotive Engineering (1982). Graduated Summa Cum
Past "Paying" Occupations; Aerospace Engineer (Boeing ElSegundo Ca, 30 yrs).  
NIASE Certified Auto Technician (Excelsior Auto Clinic, Navato Ca, 3 yrs), Motorcycle
Technician (Cycle West, Petaluma Ca, 2 yrs).  
Titles/Jobs held or performed;
Manager, Project Manager, Project Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, Design Engineer,
Tooling Designer, Meteorology Engineer, Source Surveillance Engineer, Planner,
Scheduler, Cost Analyst, Proposal Lead, Production Control Specialist, Technical Writer,
Machinist (manual & CNC), CAD/CAM Engineer, Welder, Mechanic, Student, more . . .   
Other Part Time Work and Services at "MSC Performance" ;
o  Published Freelance Technical Author, Haynes Automotive Manuals, primarily Fords,
EFI, and tuning (google mark christman and Haynes).    
o  Design, development and fabrication of high performance
NSX parts and modifications.
o  Design, development and fabrication of off-road endurance
race vehicles, Class 1, trophy truck.
o  Reverse Engineering and CAD/CAM services including 3D scanning, large scale
Metrology, and localized CMM measurement techniques.
o  Static and Dynamic Stress Analysis and CFD using FEA.
o Custom/Exotic Car design and fabrication.
o CNC custom parts design and machining services.
Early Firsts (as far as I know);
Rebuilt my first engine (Briggs) at 10, ported my first cylinder and build my first
expansion chamber (Yam 100 trailmaster) at 13, entered my first MX race at 13 (same
Yam 100, Mcminnville Ore, 1970),  1971 bought first real MX bike (1970 Rickman 250)
and raced District 36,  Split my first "cases" and rebuilt my first crank at 15, first in
NorCal to start incorporating "boost" port(s) and use "reeds" on my 73 CR125 Honda
after reading article by E.C. Birt about a Zundapp, first in NorCal to use leveraged rear
suspension after seeing Ake Jonsson's Maico in Cycle News!, First to bend 3 or 4
swingarms before I got the gusseting right, first NorCal to build an "up pipe" for my
CR125, first in NorCal to convert to full "air" forks (bad idea), Probably the first in
NorCal to break a dozen CR125 piston skirts!, first to go to a "radial" head design on a
Honda (stole from an old Zundapp, another bad idea), first to use "negative" spring
pressure to TRY and make my air forks more responsive (a good idea on a bad
concept), In addition to porting, started modifying cylinder heads and combustion
chamber shapes at 17, started working part time as mechanic at Suzuki Dealer and
started racing RMs, graduated HS in 75 and started my first full time job at the Suzuki
Dealer, got married in 78, graduated college in 82 and moved to SoCal to work in
Dream Job;  Being part of a premier motocross/supercross race team.      
Rides; 93 NSX, 02 Chevy Truck, 08 Suzuki 450 RMZ, 06 Yamaha YZ 125, 04 Honda
Hobbies/Sports; IC Engine Design and Modification, 2 and 4 Wheel Racing Suspension
Design and Modification, Motocross racing, Machine tools, Auto racing/track,
fabrication, construction, mechanics, high technology motorsports of any kind!
Desktop Computer; Digital Storm Aventum (Intel i7 3960X overclocked to 4.8GHz with
ZERO degree C cyro cool and Qty 3 GeForce GTX 680 Video Cards.   Note: I don't game.
Most Influential as early Teenager; E.C Birt, MX Action, Joel Robert, Ake Jonsson, USGP
at Carlsbad, Hangtown National, Billy Grossi (to this date I've never seen anyone
literally drag a handlebar like he did at Plymouth on a CR125 Honda, road all three
classes and beat Richter and Turner on the bigger bikes!   Awesome . . .)
Favorite Track and Hated MX Track District 36 (1970 -1980);  Favorite "Dixon", hated
"Hangtown" the old track at Plymouth, almost cost me my life due to internal bleeding.
Favorite Track and Hated MX Track District 37 (1982 -present); Favorite "Milestone",
hated "Indian Dunes", darn sand track like Plymouth!
Favorite and Hated 4 wheel Road Track; Favorite "Streets of Willow", Hated "Big
Willow", turn 9 gets me every lap!  
Favorite authors; Carroll Smith, Jim McFarland, Larry Widmer "The Old One", Darin
Favorite mags;
Racecar Engineering, UK,
Racetech International, UK
Race Engine Technology, UK  
Dirtrider, Racer-X, MX Action,
Favorite websites;
SoCal Oldtimers MX club, NSX Prime,, Vital MX, Thumper Talk, E-Bay,
Engineering Tips,  
Favorite ref books;
All Carroll Smith's "Engineer to . . . " books
Race Car Vehicle Dynamics (William Milliken)
Race Car Engineering (Warren Rowley)
Wave Action Methods for IC Engines (DE Winterbone)
Race Car Engineering and Mechanics (Paul Van Valkenburgh)
Design of Racing Engines (SAE PT-53)
Formulas for Stress and Strain (Roark & Young)
BOSCH Automotive Handbook
CNC Programming Handbook (Peter Smid)
Motorcycle Dynamics (Vittore Cossalter)
Scientific Design of Exhaust and Intake Systems (Philip Smith)
Gas Flow in the Internal Combustion Engine (Annand and Poe)
The Shock Absorber Handbook (John Dixon)
Formula 1 Engine Technology (Ian Bamsey)
Internal Combustion Engine Handbook, SAE International
Statics and the Strength of Materials (Karl Stevens)
Favorite Software (over $50k invested);
Geomagic Design (CAD/CAM)
Pro Engineer (CAD)
MCU, (CAM Simulation and Verification)
Algor, Stress analysis (Algor)
Geo3, Vehicle Kinematic (Warren Rowley)
Polyworks, Point cloud/Metrology (Polyworks)
Spatial Analyzer (Metrology)
MSC Adams, Patran, NASTRAN,
ESI Computational Fluid Dynamics
Rapidform (reverse engineering)
Mecsoft CAM
ANSYS 15.5 (Stress, Dynamics, CFD)
Shop Equipment (well over $100k invested);
Leadwell 25 CNC Vertical Machine Center and tooling
Bridgeport Romi CNC Lathe and tooling
Manual Milling Machine w/2 axis DRO and tooling
14" x 30" Engine Lathe and tooling
15" Vert/Hor Rotation Table
10" and 6" Indexers
8 Foot Portable CMM, Romer Arm
FARO SI Laser Tracker
Creaform 3D Handheld Scanner
Hyd Tube Bender and notcher (roll cages)
25" Horizontal/Vertical band saw
50 Amp Plasma Cutter
2 Tig Welders (std and Square wave)
300 amp Mig Welder
Gas Welder
300 Amp stick welder
Professional bead/sand blast cabinet
Drill Press
Car lift
Flexible/articulating Borescopes
Most hand and air/power tools
Paint and body tools
floor lift, transmission jack
race scales, engine lift, press, sandblaster
precision layout and measuring tools
pyrometer, sheet metal brake,
air conditioning gages and charging equipment
nitrogen charging station (gas shocks), much more . .
Special Interests;
Vehicle Dynamics/suspension (both motocross
and auto) Engine Dynamics and Forced Induction.