Gruppe M Exhaust sound (9 Meg File),
Prime Drive follow the leader (15 Megs)
Prime Drive 2 (5 Megs)
TRACK 1, Buttonwillow Raceway, one lap (69 Megs)
TRACK 2. Buttonwillow Raceway, EVO spin.  Note, my oil temp gauge is pegged at 250F (right
side gage) I added a second oil cooler after this (see thermal control section).  My IAT (left
side gage) is only around 130F (150 is 12 o'clock) even after 15 minutes of track driving. This
is how I test my mods, on the track (20 Megs)
Video Files
NSX Videos
Motocross Videos
A few laps at Pala Raceway Oct 2012

This file loads much quicker

A few laps at Milestone Raceway Aug 2012

A little tip over at Milestone

Landing short at Elsinore's big step up jump