Tilton Clutch
The Tilton
Carbon/Carbon three
plate clutch (right)
replaces all the stock
junk (left).  It's a
beautiful piece of
engineering and
The Tilton uses a shaft mounted
slave cylinder so some mods
needed to be made for the
This is probably the lightest and
lowest MOE clutch/flywheel made for
the NSX.  It costs as much as one of
my dirtbikes.  
That's NICE!
Tilton doesn't offer much in
the way of instructions other
than the basic installation of
the clutch.  The hydralic
throw-out bearing (slave
cylinder) was too long and
prevented the proper mating
of the trans.  I machined it as
required.  In addition,  they
didn't mention that the stock
master cylinder was way to
small for the new slave
cylinder.  Bottom line, no
dis-engagement.  Solution, a
larger master cylinder.  Like
everything else, it took hours
of troubleshooting and was a
custom job to install.  
Custom adapter plate from
new  master cylinder to
Custom push rod and a new pivot
point needed  to be fabricated and
located once a good compromise
was made between pedal pressure
and pedal throw.  More time.  
Shot of a little tool I made up to measure the throw
of the slave cylinder.  Gradations are in mm.  Tilton
gives a recommended range and that's what I used
as a nominal value.  Observation and picture was
taken from a small hole in the trans with a medical
grade borescope/camera.  
The new master helped
but I'm still getting some rough engagement so I'll
need to investigate further.