Shocks & Springs
On the track the NSX needs plenty of front bar
and spring.  The "race" TEIN shocks came
with too soft front springs so I installed stiffer
springs.  The original springs were conical in
shape and the new springs were not so I
modified the upper retainer plate by adding
some spacers to center the spring.  
Comparison of original spring configuration
and the new configuration.  Theses TEINs
have adjustable damping but not
independent comp/rebound.  As you increase
one you increase the other and vis versa.    
It's of no value to mess with springs
and shock if you don't corner
balance afterwards.  I do mine a
bit differently, initially with the
wheels removed.  I get much more
precise and repeatable results this
way.  I also support all corners on
a "rolling" pad to eliminate all
stiction and let the chassis settle.  
Leveling all the rolling pads
Car on pads and initial readings and
calculated target values.  
Final readings after preload adjustments.  Not bad.  
After this I'll repeat the process with the wheels.  The
numbers should be close and I'll make minor tweaks,
if not I know something is wrong.  
HUmmmmmmm . . . . maybe a future mod!