MSC Designed NSX Dry Sump Oil System
Since there was no drysump systems on the market for the NSX I had to design my own.  I wanted to take advantage
of the Dailey Eng integrated oil pumps to eliminate half of the external lines.  The trick was in designing the pan so
that oil from both sides of the block and between each main would have a path to a dedicated suction stage and
have the pump positioned so that it was both tucked away and avoid all the various suspension and drive
components in and around the engine.   I also wanted to keep the AC pump intact.  The first step was to develop an
accurate model of the NSX block, crank and rods and a model of the Dailey pump that I felt worked the best for my
application.  After that its just a lot of design and machine work .  
After all the CAD work is done it's time to put my
machinist hat on and start generating machine
code using CAM programs.   Literally thousands of
lines of code are needed to take a chunk of 7075
alum and cut it into something like this.  In addition,
hours of code validation are needed to make sure
that you don't ruin hundreds of hours of work in 2
The "block" of 7075 being
turned into a final part on my
CNC machine.