MSC Brembo Brake conversion
Car up on the rack, those front rotors are as big as
the 17" prodrive wheels will allow, approx 12.8
inched as I recall.
I had to measure over 50 wheels to find a set of
fronts (17 x 8) that would clear my calipers and
still keep the same scrub radius.  Going to two or
thee piece wheels would have been easy but
heavy as hell.  The rotor to the left is from the kit
I bought with the F40 calipers.  I didn't use
The Prodrive wheels have a thicker flange so I
needed longer studs.  I had to slightly modify
some ARP studs to work.  The lugs are Titanium so
I wanted plenty of thread engagement to reduce
The rear  wheels (18 x 9.5) and Lotus calipers posed
no real engineering challenges except that the
attach hardware for the caliper and upright wanted
to share some of the same space.  Solved by going
to high strength studs for the caliper mounts.