My trusty 96 RM 250.  It served me well for several
years taking me up to 30+ Vet Expert.  
Just your basic ruptured liver courtesy of "Hangtown"
in the early 80s.  Those red marks are from rocks
from a previous race.  
My bitchin 98 Yamaha 400F.  The last one in
southern cal that year.  Just had to have one.  I
raced it exactly one time before I broke my Tibia
Plateau into a million pieces.  
The hardware removed from my Knee in 2004
I got this 2001 Suzuki RM125 to get back into racing
after my knee injury so I could take it easy.  It was
Doug Parson's stadium bike (now of freestyle fame).  
It was bad ass.  Unfortunately, a missed gear on a
double at Elsinore resulted in a dislocated right
elbow and broken radial head.  Surgery and three
screws later and it's good to go, but I'll never throw a
fastball again (or even fully straighten my arm).  
My 2003 KX250 was much maligned by the
magazines but I thought it was a great bike.  I
re-valved the suspension and just rode it.  I never
even pulled the top end after 3 years!  I was
practicing at Gorman when I rolled a berm and had
to bail as I was headed straight for a huge tractor tire
that lined the coarse going the other direction.  So
stupid.  The obligatory collar bone break ensued.  
Mine needed surgery (what else is new).
This is my 2006 RM450F.  I bought it from my
brother so I knew it was in good shape. With all the
tracks catering to four strokes I guess I just had to try
it one more time.  I'm 50 now, so I've mellowed out.  
I don't jump anything I know I can't make, I slow
down as soon as I get tired, and I don't get pissed
when I'm passed, but corners are still fair game!  Just
like the old days when corner speed was the biggest
factor (knock on wood) .
Same 2006 RMZ but I modified the subframe to
lower the seat approx 3/4". I also fabricated a
custom alum gas tank to help flatten the transition
between the seat and tank and make the bike
thinner.  Bike corners like it's on rails now!   
Finished tank
My brothers 2007 KXF 250.  It's got just about every
trick aftermarket part you can buy plus an "ICE
CUBE" 315cc stroker kit.   This bike can keep up with
the 450s and kill them in the corners!
My latest ride.  I just couldn't pass this deal up.  It
just kinda dropped into my lap early 2008.  Brand
new 2008 RMZ with Pro Circuit A Kit forks and shock
and other trick items (pipe, rims, link, etc).  The
suspension alone is sold for over $7k  which wasn't
too much less then I paid for the whole bike!  I
slapped on some graphics and had Pro Circuit
re-valve and lower the suspension 1/2" so I don't
need to modify the subframe like I did on my 06.  
Which way is better?  Don't know yet.  Most of the 08
RMZ were held back by the factory due to center
case breaking issue during kick starting.  Mine was
one of the few that made it out of the showroom.  I
get my entire motor rebuilt along with new improved
cases for free by Suzuki.  I'll wait until I get a few
motos on the thing first.  The 09s will come out with
the new cases.  Gotta lose that blue seat . . . .
I just couldn't give up two strokes completely so I got
this used stock 2006 Yamaha 125.  It was barely
ridden and in great shape.  It's a blast to ride/race
against all the 4 strokes.  On certain tracks you don't
give much away in terms of speed and you can
make that up in braking and the corners.  It's also
one of the few bike I can still hold WFO like the old
Another deal.  My brothers 2008 KTM 450SX
(electric start) ridden maybe 2 times for $5K.  You
just can't get much better price anywhere.  My
brother has a connection with an individual up north
that just loves to buy new bikes, trick them out , ride
them a few times and sell them at a big loss.  Some
tax thing.  Anyway, his loss is our gain.  
BTY, Imotoware is a MX clothing company owned
by my brother Bob.  We go to a few nationals every
year and set up a booth.  RSC Racing is Bob's
construction company.   
My 1970 Rickman 250 (those are REAL leathers),
1973 Honda 125 Elsinore (note trick self made snail
pipe), 1974 Suzuki 125A (Note 250 forks and JT fake
leathers).  I had a 125B model the following year.  
Then a big gap of no racing (college, marriage,
new career, etc).   Finally back again with my 1993
Kawasaki 125.  I was the first that I know of to run the
number 911.  It was because I liked 911 Porsches
but it also ment  "emergency" which was pretty
cool.  I kept the number until I broke my leg in 98,
then some other over-the-hill-gang guy snagged it.  
Never ran it again.  I'm back to number 94.  
Me at 30 years old, 155 lbs  
Me at 56 Years old, 155 lbs.
Photo taken at Canyon Cycle Park, Az, 07-2013

Since my last injury report back in
2008, Ive managed to break a dozen
ribs, puncture my lung, rip my left
ACL completely, break my right
shoulder blade (twice), and suffer at
least 3-4 good concussions along the
way.  For some reason I just keep
getting back on the bike.  I guess I
don't want to be a quitter.  Maybe the
tracks in AZ will bring me better luck.  
First Turn, 2009 Vet National at Glen
Helen.  I raced the 125 against 450s
so I got a bad start.  Got sixth the first
moto (after a small crash) and DNF the
second.  Disappointing.
ACP Main track (Az Cycle Park)
ACP Vet Track
Canyon Cycle Park, AZ