MSC Rear A-arm Bushings
Monoball Housings
Monoball Retainers
Housings Nut
Installation tools
The rear lower A-arm bushings and toe-link
bushings  are a weak link in the NSX
suspension system.  The rubber is simply
too compliant for precise control in high
load situations.  My solution was to
replace them all with high quality
aerospace grade mono-balls.  To
accomplish this I needed to design and
fabricate mono-ball retainer housings that
would fit into the lower subframe.  My
design comprises a mono-ball housing,
the housing retaining nut and a mono-ball
retaining nut.  Each had to be machined,
threaded, welded in some cases and cut
for my installation tools.  
This view shows the housing retaining nut
and mono-ball installed.  The housing
retaining nut also serves as the rear
shoulder for the mono-ball outer shell.
The mono-ball is a slight interference fit to the
housing but the mono-ball retaining nut is what
really keeps it in place to prevent any X axis
Shouldered spacers reduce the mono-ball ID
to the bolt size and take up the clearance
between the A-Arm mounting flanges.  
Spacers are machined to provide about .001
to .002 positive gap for ease of installation.  
Final installation at one corner.